Water Filtration Systems


Because there are so many possible combinations of water contaminants, you need a purification system that is designed to solve the specific problems your water presents.  Pura water purification systems are the ONLY systems built of individual modular components selected to match individual water quality problems.  These components are combined in a two-level system:

1.      FILTERS REMOVE CHEMICALS AND PARTICLES.                           Filters solve the problems of taste, odor, color, chemical contaminants, and cyst.

2.      ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT KILLS LIVING ORGANISMS.                             The ultraviolet unit on your PURA system destroys viruses and bacteria, a leading cause of illness and disease.  Consider the advantages of owning the only system custom-designed to treat your water.

  •    No addition of sodium (salt) to water.
  •        Special high-capacity filters to reduce harmful chemicals in your
  •    drinking water.
  •        99.9 percent reduction of bacteria by safe, clean ultraviolet light.
  •         No loss of minerals essential to good health.







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